Kentucky Adventuring in December 2019 – Flat Lick Falls


Saturday, December 21st 2019 we set out to have one of our last INTO THE WILD: KY adventures of 2019! 

Weather temperatures showed a high of 50 degrees so we decided this was a perfect day to celebrate Winter Solstice by hitting the road in the bluegrass state. 

After all, adventure is our middle name! Ha! 

Although I have been to our specific destination many times, I try to take as many people as I can because of the beauty that is found in this hidden gem in Kentucky. My daughter, and her friend were my guests and it was a true treat to be able to share with them an adventure of a lifetime. 

Flat Lick Falls Recreational Area is located in McKee, KY. It’s approximately 1.5 hours from Lexington, give or take a little bit depending on what side of town you live on. The drive to Flat Lick Falls is nothing but a treat and seems to mesmerize those who decide to take us up on this adventure. Driving through small towns, looking at old and new houses, over the hills, mountains and through the forest will have you daydreaming the entire time. One of our favorite topics, “What would it be like to live in the Kentucky country like this?” 


We have some of the most beautiful places on earth, right here in our own backyards. One of the main goals of Into The Wild: KY is to inspire others to search around the state of Kentucky and find the hidden gems so many don’t even know exist. Did you know Kentucky has over 600 waterfalls? Our desire is to see them all, and share our adventures with you! 

So many people travel far and spend a ton of money to have adventures, but what aboutimg_9899 the people who can’t afford that? What about the people who can’t take enough time off work to go on an adventure far away? That’s the target audience we’re hoping to reach. You don’t have to have a lot of money to have awe-inspiring adventures. You can embark on a day trip for the adventure of a lifetime. Follow our lead, and we will be happy to share our Kentucky Wilderness & Waterfall Adventures with you! 

Flat Lick Falls pulls on my heart strings in a major way. Something about this place is hard for me to put into words. Everything about it is perfect for a day getaway. It’s a space to clear your mind, decompress from life, and let go of all the things you carry in your day to day life. 

You will find camping areas where you can have a bonfire, pitch a tent, stay all night, a weekend or even just a few hours. For us, we usually like to stay as long as possible fitting it into a day trip. 

As you travel down a concrete path, you will find a scenic overlook that takes you to a beautiful spot to see Flat Lick Falls. Once you continue on, past this overlook you run into trails that will take you down to the waterfall. If you decide to explore and enjoy the area you will experience an ambiance that’s hard to find anywhere else. If you continue, you will have plenty to explore. Adventure Awaits! 


The sound of the waterfall is soothing to the soul. Most of the time the water is a blue green, and I’ve never known the falls to be dried up. There are many places to sit around and hang out awhile. I encourage you to sit and wait. Don’t rush, and stay as long as possible. Every time I visit this space, I wish I would have stayed longer. 

It’s not unusual to see butterflies serenading the area, and the heavenly vibe this brings will create a space like you’ve possibly never seen. Take a lunch, a friend or two, a hammock, a good book, or just go sit. Sometimes sitting in a sacred space like this is all that’s needed to restore the spirit and soul. 


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To learn more about Flat Lick Falls, visit here.