Mother Nature is a natural stress-relieving remedy, and she’s free.

We’re focusing on creating a wellness lifestyle for ourselves that’s established by connecting with the wilderness, nature and Mother Earth. We live this life by creating outdoor wilderness & waterfall adventures around our great state of Kentucky. We don’t have to travel to another country far away or spend thousands of dollars to experience awe-inspiring adventures. We have unlimited adventures right here in Kentucky, in our own back yards.

In the age of electronics taking over the world and our lives being busier than ever, we’re refining and recreating our lives by purposefully connecting with the more than human world. Spending time in the wilderness, hiking, climbing mountains, playing in the snow, stomping in creeks and chasing waterfalls can bring huge health benefits to those who seek to explore these sacred spaces.

With anxiety and depression rates skyrocketing, doctors and mental health professionals are focusing on the call of the wilderness to help restore emotional, mental and physical well-being. By “going outside to play” regardless of our age, limitations or the season our lives can be impacted and improved greatly.

We call on Mother Nature because she’s a natural healer.

We consider ourselves combination of the Japanese art of “Forest Bathing” as well as hiking, wilderness play mixed with the adventurous aspect of chasing waterfalls, scenic overlooks, sunrises & sunsets all over our great state of Kentucky!

Studies show that when we take at least 20 minutes out of our day to stroll or sit in a place that makes us feel in contact with nature it will significantly lower our stress hormone levels. On many of our adventures we will seek a “Sit Spot” so we can really tune into the gifts Mother Nature might bring or we might adventure to a waterfall and play like we’re reliving our childhoods again. When we purposefully activate wilderness play into our adventures, we become energized, which brings out creativity, and it helps us build relationships with those around us, and Mother Nature herself.

One of our goals is to provide wilderness and waterfall adventures to the senior population as a chaperone, by assisting them in entering these sacred spaces they might not otherwise be able to experience. We’ve learned bringing quality of life to this specific group of individuals will promote a healthier and longer life.

Every adventure brings enchantment, and every memory brings joy.

Into the Wild: Kentucky Wilderness & Waterfall Adventures is our attempt to inspire others by sharing this lifestyle with as many humans as possible. We look to inspire others to join us in exploring all the beautiful state of Kentucky has to offer and sharing the stories about our current and past experiences with nature and wilderness play. Our hope is as we share our wilderness play adventures in Kentucky, more people will become active in nature which will bring healing, happiness and wholeness to our lives that might have otherwise been nonexistent.

We’re adding wilderness play to our wellness toolbox, one step at a time and we hope you join us!

All our photos and content are original to our specific trips into the wilderness. We’re branding hashtag #intothewildky on our social media so be sure to follow us and share your Into the Wild: KY adventures by using this hashtag to connect with our movement!

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